MICLA Projects

Multimedia Interactive Cultural Linguistic Approach

Method for teaching Italian Language and Culture through teaching strategies from specifically made multimedia materials aimed to involve the students to actively participate and communicate.

The MICLA Projects respond to the most current and sensitive research in the foreign language teaching field, aligned with The National Standards, and inspired by hypertextual, interactive multimedia work models, through dynamic language use in all aspects, using technological tools.

The MICLA Projects are also based on improving the relationship and interacting work, on the differences and creative use of the language, as well as interdisciplinary uses as references for linguistic discoveries, in an inseparable relationship between language and culture, with reference to CLIL Content and Language Integrated Learning.

The MICLA Projects, applied in classes where there are no world language classes, is inspired by the clil approach and specifically studies a disciplinary type didactic pathways which allow for an approach, a reinforcement, and an in-depth study of the Italian Language used in the disciplinary perspective.

The MICLA Projects also emphasizes that they do not have a thorough and organically directed task for knowledge of a discipline, be it art, or music, or the sciences, or geography or history, but have the expertise to present artistic, musical, scientifical, geographical and historical units… are identified with specific and purposeful language acquisition and learning.
Therefore, MICLA Projects specifically use culturally articulated ideas in various artistical, historical and geographical areas, although being a disciplinary type, highlight the Italian Culture.

The MICLA Projects considers both the clil perspective, as it is exhibited now and specific linguistic paths.
In both cases, the MICLA Projects propose stimulating and innovative learning contexts, because of their own linguistic and cultural methodological approach, based on multimedia and interactivity.
Italian Language and Culture are the background which all learning processes develop.