Rinascimentoeducational will be responsible for the renewal and/or purchasing of Italian Language and Cultural Teaching Materials through the MICLA Projects. The goal is to spark the students’ interest and motivation to study Italian through thematic modules, supported by curiosity and the desire to compare cultures, in communicative and highly participatory activities.

Rinascimentoeducational is a new and grand adventure to enhance local resources and works created by Italian Teachers in American Schools.

The mainobjectives are:

  • identifying teaching materials for teaching the Italian Language and Culture to be included in the MICLA Projects;
  • publish and disseminate the MICLA Projects in American Schools.

Consultants and Collaborators
Rinascimentoeducational uses consultants and collaborators who support the scientific aspect, the methodological approach and teaching strategies promoted by the MICLA Projects. Based on the teaching needs, the most experienced specialists in the various sectors will be consulted to create appropriate teaching materials, and facilitate implementation and adaptation in the schools.

Scientific committee
The names of the scientific committee will be announced shortly.

Offered opportunities

Rinascimentoeducational offers many opportunities including technological ones that:

  • encourage educational activities to be carried out in the classroom
  • facilitate the use of materials
  • support motivation and interest
  • start autonomy in their work and at the same time collaboration
  • improve student-to-teacher work relationship
  • stimulate creativity, through the possibility of publishing their own Works
  • involve active and communicative language

Rinascimentoeducational: a technological and didactic proposal in 20 POINTS for an active and participatory methodology

  1. Each online MICLA Project includes a Workbook which the student can work on individually and is also available online for the performance assessments. (20 basic copies are provided to the class)
  2. Each Workbook is available in PDF format and can be saved on your computer in order to perform the required activities
  3. The student can then Upload the file and directly send his/her teacher the assignment
  4. The teacher can receive all Student Assignments (categorized by date, student’s name, class ...)
  5. Students and teachers can Record their voice and save the files on their computer to be able to listen to them later and use them for lessons, review and assessments
  6. Students can use Notes, an online note taking application, whose pages are printable
  7. The direct link to the Google Translate is always available to support any difficulties in understanding the texts
  8. The student can publish his/her Artwork on the site, in the built-in sections: texts, videos, photographs, drawings ... This must be formally authorized at the time the artwork is sent
  9. A space has been set up on the website where the Artwork sent by the students can be exhibited; this opportunity must be seen as an achievement by the student and a reason to perfect his/her commitment and achieve new goals
  10. The site includes an external section, MICLA Project and two Reserved Areas, accessible only to teachers and students with credentials.
  11. Access is extremely simple: click Login and enter the credentials, the site will redirect you to the teacher or student section
  12. To exit the reserved area, simply click Logout
  13. Every website page is clearly visible and accessible, so during class and home activities it can be used as an effective reference
  14. The scrolling banner on the Home Page is available to classes and teachers to report any initiatives or events or goals that you want to publicize
  15. The teacher must enter his data in Edit Profile, in the top menu, in order to enter the system and have full access to all materials
  16. Each MICLA Project has its own characteristics and specific features (while meeting all the basic criteria set out in MICLA Project) presented on the first page of each project in the Index and Structure
  17. Presented on the first page of each project are: - the project structure - Teacher’s Guide - the Workbook is a browsable format where students are able to follow the lesson and complete activities - the Authors 
  18. The website’s organizational structure is in English, while the projects are only in Italian, in order to immediately immerse the student in the language
  19. Teachers who wish to contact the website representative, can do so via email by clicking on Contacts. Teachers can: ask questions, suggest strategies, communicate with the authors, ask for explanations and support, share experiences, propose innovative and interesting completed projects in the classroom etc ...
  20. The website offers the possibility to directly purchase or reserve materials through the grants available, using the Order form at the bottom